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Turbine Cowboy

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Group Photos - FEP Classes & Other

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When you graduated from the Field Engineering Program (FEP), you should have received a copy of the class photo taken during the first week of the program (see examples herein). Please hunt through your old files, photo albums, etc. and see if you can find it. If you do, have it scanned (low resolution, JPEG) and upload it into this file. If you have problems uploading, we suggest you email it to Thanks, Dave Lucier (FEP-1968) & Charlie Pond (FEP-1978).
John Lovelace Retires
John Lovelace Retires
Give 'em a (Tax) Break
The General in the News (7 photos in album)
Map of Schenectady Main Plant (circa 1926)
Views of GE from I-890 (8 photos in album)
FEP 1979 Instructional Staff
Group Photos of Instructional Staff (9 photos in album)
The Magnificent Seven
Other Group Photos (14 photos in album)
Johnny Turner and LSTG
Group Photos from Joe Markey's Files (6 photos in album)
FEP IS January-May, 1987
FEP Electrical & Electronic Program Class Photos (19 photos in album)
FEP December 1991-March 1993
FEP Mechanical & Nuclear Program Class Photos (62 photos in album)
Face Lift for Erie Blvd in Schenectady!
Face Lift for Erie Blvd and the Edison Exploratorium (2 photos in album)
GE Energy Learning Center (8 photos in album)
PenPower Experienced Hire Training - February, 2000
Other Group Photos (6 photos in album)
Hydraulics Lab
Empty Nest - FEDC is Vacated! (3 photos in album)
Cars Stored at KIM's
Pictures of venue for 40th FEP Reunion (9 photos in album)
Robin Ashley reunites with Joe Markey
Pictures from 2006 Turbine Cowboy 40th Reunion & Roundup (30 photos in album)
Three Tired Mt. Fuji Climbers: Henry Dimilanta, Dave Smith, Dave Lucier
Three of a Kind (13 photos in album)
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