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Turbine Cowboy

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Funny & Unusual Fotos

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This is where you can upload your favorite field pictures. We want all your great fotos from “on the job” and “off the site” scanned and uploaded here. Keep it reasonably clean. PG-17, please! We don’t want any lawsuits from The General or anybody else! Click on "Upload Your Funny Fotos" to add your photos.
Love Thy Neighbor
Love Thy Neighbor
Never Ask an Engineer What Time it is
When Fire Trucks meet Railroad Tracks
When Fire Trucks meet Railroad Tracks
Retired Field Engineer with Biker Babe
Retired Field Engineer with Biker Babe
Seven Menopausal Dwarfs.jpg
Ever Been Up Here without a Paddle?
Ever Been Up Here without a Paddle?
Smallest Turbine Cowboy
Smallest Turbine Cowboy
The Snake Ranch
The Snake Ranch
Solve the Puzzle
Solve the Puzzle
Steak Anyone
Steak Anyone
Thank God for Digital Cameras! (8 photos in album)
Bob Cruz
Cartoons by Rob Sigond (9 photos in album)
It takes a sense of humor! (5 photos in album)
Field Engineers Travel to High Places (14 photos in album)
Now what do the the tabs mean? (3 photos in album)
So that's where I left my ladder! (2 photos in album)
Leave it to Beaver
Animals: You have to be one to live in the FIELD! (6 photos in album)
Houston, we have a problem!
Would a Field Engineer be So Dumb? (4 photos in album)
An FEP who has learned enough
Cartoons Relating to Field Engineering (3 photos in album)
Field Engineer must do his paperwork!
Charlie Pond's Site Office (4 photos in album)
Chicken or Rooster?  You decide.
Mark Cohen wants to know! (2 photos in album)
Ray Duell 0r Fred Astaire? You be the judge. (2 photos in album)
Climbing Mount Fuji, 1984 TEPCO Assault Team (9 photos in album)
New State Coins - $$$ to Be Issued (9 photos in album)
A vistor to the office
Outhouses We have Known (19 photos in album)
Broken Inlet Guide Vanes and Paper Towel Debris
What a Roll of Paper Towels Can Do (2 photos in album)
Canadian Billboards We Have Seen! (18 photos in album)
Field Engineer on a Schenectady Binge
Halloween Horrors (2 photos in album)
Something Wong with This Bookstore
Signs Along the Highways (24 photos in album)
Photos from Travels Around the World (20 photos in album)
Field Engineers Fix it or Find Alternative Uses! (26 photos in album)
Funny Newspaper Stories (14 photos in album)
Field Engineer Career Path
Ragging on the General (25 photos in album)
Comrades in Arms
Distasteful, We Think Not (17 photos in album)
Why Diet
Funny Ads from the Old Days (9 photos in album)
Seen in International Newspapers or Magazines (4 photos in album)
Ladies, Heed This Sign!
Signs Seen (13 photos in album)
Weather Reporting - Mexico and Middle East (6 photos in album)
Tee Shirts for Engineers (5 photos in album)
Dave Lucier commuting to work in Guatemala
Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water (2 photos in album)
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